What is Malaria?

Malaria is a mosquito-transmitted disease caused by a parasite that is prevalent in tropical regions. Malaria causes fever, chills, body aches anaemia, and in severe cases can be life-threatening. Prevention includes barrier methods and repellents to avoid mosquito bites, and preventative medications to prevent disease.

Dosage & Instructions

Malarial prophylaxis is not a vaccination. There are different medications used to prevent Malaria and the exact regimen will depend on the area of travel, duration, and existing medical problems. Medication is prescribed to take before, during and after travel. Schedule your consultation today to learn what regimen you need for your travels.


A prescription is required for Malarial prophylaxis regimen.


When properly taken, prophylaxis is effective at preventing Malaria although not 100% depending on various factors including medication resistance.

Recommended For

The vaccine is recommended as prevention medication for travelers. Those especially visiting the sub-Saharan Africa & South Asia areas.

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