Vaccinations – Be Healthy
Wherever You Are.

Travel Clinic NOLA offers vaccinations so that you can live life and explore your world with confidence. We provide you security and convenience without having to visit a doctor’s office or utilize health service systems. Vaccinations are very safe and regulated and can protect you and safeguard others from transmissible disease.

Recent world events have disrupted modern life and reinforced the importance of health and safety. Disease prevention can be categorized into universal precautions to prevent transmission, herd immunity to limit disease spread within a population, and individual immunity to fight off infection. Herd immunity happens when a sizeable population is immune to a disease limiting its spread; however, novel illnesses and vaccination lapses can lead to lower group immunity.

The purpose of vaccinations is to generate biological memory so that the body can better manage future re-exposure and minimize sickness. Adequate nutrition and hydration are crucial to a robust immune system. In the face of current events, vaccinations are now more important than ever to help restore socio-economic normalcy.

When should I see a travel nurse?

You should arrange to see a Travel Clinic NOLA registered nurse at least six to eight weeks before you are planning to leave the country, as some vaccinations require more than one injection, over the course of several weeks. Traveling without getting vaccinated properly, leaves you potentially exposed to life-threatening infectious diseases.