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When adventures take you abroad, make an appointment with us to review any vaccines and medications you’ll need for your trip.

Planning a Trip?

Everyone knows planning a trip abroad involves passports, accommodations, clothes, and luggage. But there is another important component that is often forgotten…Health! Are vaccinations required or recommended for the country to which you are traveling? What are the health risks? Traveler’s diarrhea? Mosquito protections? Altitude sickness? Jet Lag prevention?

What to do BEFORE your trip:

Travel Clinic NOLA provides vaccinations and pre-travel health consultations for travelers.

  • Obtain information about health risks for your area
  • Book well in advance of your departure as some vaccinations may require a series of injections
  • Recommendations for medications to help prevent malaria
  • Antibiotic medication recommendations
  • Recommendations for a custom Travel Health Kit Purchase today!

How Does It Work?

We Come To You!

Schedule an appointment for our concierge RN service and we deliver your vaccinations and/or IV therapy to your front door.

Get Your Vaccine
or IV Comfortably!

You can have your vaccinations and/or IV therapy administered by our trusted travel health registered nurses in the comfort of your own home/hotel/office!

We Leave!

After we do our thing, we pack up and let you enjoy preparing for the rest of your trip, feeling healthy and refreshed.

Services We Offer

About Our Services

Immunizations for the purpose of foreign travel aren’t typically covered by health insurance plans, so Travel Clinic NOLA does not file a claim to your insurance plan.

We collect full fee for each immunization administered at the time of service. All major credit cards accepted. We proudly accept Zelle. No cash or personal checks.

All appointments will be with a Travel Medicine registered nurse.

About Your Visit

When you visit us, you’ll meet with a travel health provider to discuss your destination and itinerary and identify any immunizations and/or tests that are recommended or required for your trip.

You’ll also receive educational material specific to the countries you’ll be visiting, including current health risk information and travel advisories from the U.S. State Department.

We’ll provide an international certificate of vaccination as approved by the World Health Organization (if applicable) and any prescriptions needed to prevent illnesses such as malaria, travelers’ diarrhea, or altitude sickness.

In order to be properly prepared for your trip, please visit our clinic at least six weeks before your planned departure, as some vaccine series require several weeks to complete and reach full effectiveness.

Why Travel Clinic NOLA?

We are qualified and experienced travel health experts who love traveling the world. It is that blend of health and travel experience which lets us give you the most up-to-date travel healthcare and vaccine advice, wherever your destination. We also provide IV treatments for Jet Lag, Vitamin Shots, and a customized Travel Health Kit for minor travel-related discomforts. Consultations take place in the comfort of your own home, hotel, business, or event! We welcome corporate partners and large are happy to bring our travel health and immunization services to you.

Nurse Ashley was kind, helpful, and knowledgable. I was able to get an appointment within just a few days and got everything I needed for my upcoming trip (yellow fever vaccine and malaria medication prescription). I would recommend this clinic for anyone with travel health needs.

Nicole Hershey April 3, 2024

I cannot recommend Ashley and the NOLA travel clinic enough. I thought the office would be hard to find, but everyone in the museum building was so helpful and the coworking space that the office is in is beautiful. Ashley was welcoming, informative, and was so helpful in planning for and getting all the right vaccines. She also provided additional advice and recommendations. Easy and helpful process! Go support this awesome Black woman owned business!

Lia Kahan February 23, 2024
Reggie LeBlanc January 19, 2024

Such a great experience! Ashley is very knowledgeable, considerate, and willing to go above and beyond to help you prepare for your travels.

Teddy Olberding August 4, 2023

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Here at Travel Clinic NOLA we know how important travel is to your health. No really, it is good to travel! But traveling can also damage your health if you aren't prepared. Let us help you be prepared for you travels so you can remain educated and healthy. 

We provide pre travel health assessments, IV hydration (great for jet lag!), vaccines (yellow fever is popular!), and our very own travel health kit! 

Schedule an appointment today at or give us a call at 504-982-OUCH
We designed a 2023 vaccination calendar to help share travel and vaccination information with ya and to make you want to explore the world more. The images are so dreamy. Here are sneak peaks for January and February. 

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