Study Abroad/Corporate Travel

At Travel Clinic NOLA, we believe in the importance of ensuring everyone is properly vaccinated for study abroad and work-related travel. That’s why we offer the convenience of a vaccination clinic pop-up, bringing our services directly to your location.

Our experienced travel healthcare team will set up a pop-up clinic at your workplace, school, or any other designated location to administer vaccines to all individuals who require them for their upcoming travel. This eliminates the need for multiple appointments and saves time for everyone involved.

By having a travel health clinic pop-up, we can efficiently vaccinate a large group of individuals in a single session, ensuring that everyone is prepared and protected for their travel adventures. Our goal is to make the process as seamless as possible, so you can focus on your upcoming journey with peace of mind.

Contact us today to schedule a travel health clinic pop-up at your location and ensure that everyone in your group is vaccinated and ready to explore the world safely

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