What is Rabies?

The disease is transmitted from bites or scratches from an animal that is infected by rabies and can result in potentially life-threatening neurological illnesses. Some symptoms are headaches, weakness, fevers, and cerebral disfunction.

Dosage & Instructions

Rabies vaccine administered for pre-exposure consists of a series of 3 injections. The second dose is administered one week after the initial and the third dose 2-3 weeks after the initial dose.


An immunization record is highly suggested for proper dosing.


The vaccine protects against the rabies virus and is usually well tolerated. People that have previously received a complete course of Rabies vaccine have a simplified course upon exposure. Post-exposure booster is often required along with further medical evaluation.

Recommended For

The vaccine is often recommended for animal workers and those a risk (such as children). International travelers visiting Asia and Central and South America are also recommended to get the vaccine as a preventative measure.

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