Business Travel Tips with Travel Clinic NOLA 2023

Research shows that 78% of companies plan on traveling more for business in the year 2023. That means we need to get you prepared to travel smart and safe!

When flying, choosing a week day is better than the weekend. So Tuesday or Wednesday are supposedly better flight deals and flights/airports will be less crowded. Also be aware of where you are traveling to and the time of year you are traveling. Holidays are obviously busy travel seasons. And often times people like to escape the cold weather and head somewhere warm or visa versa – so just be aware of your destination.

Plan ahead and have a purpose. Flights are typically cheaper the earlier you book them, so be aware of future travels and purchase your tickets as soon as possible.

Pre-Travel Tips

1.) Register for loyalty accounts with airlines, hotels, and rentals.

If you are going to become a more frequent traveler then why not get the most out of it? There are a lot of travel rewards programs out there and I can’t tell you the right one for you. It depends on where you often travel to and where you like to stay. Learn more about choosing the best rewards loyalty account for you here.

2.) Download airline apps

If you decide on a rewards program with a specific airline then download their specific app to manage your trips, enjoy inflight entertainment, and track your miles.

3.) Download Lounge Buddy -“Explore Your Airport”

Lounge Buddy is an app that shares the best places to relax from the bustle of the airport, freshen up with a shower, or enjoy snacks and drinks to fuel you during your travels.

4.) Register for TSA PreCheck if possible

You can enroll in TSA PreCheck to help make traveling quicker. Sometimes rewards programs or employers offer a discount or credit for TSA PreCheck – do your research!

5.) Make sure electronics are fully charged before traveling so you can catch up on some work and refresh your presentation or relax and enjoy a show while traveling.

6.) Double check flight/airport information

Research your specific airports and learn more about all they have to offer. Some airports have conference rooms for business meetings or yoga rooms for unwinding and relaxing. The more you know, the better prepared you will be – so do the research ahead of time!

Know about any layovers: the times of arrival, connecting flights, departure and also where the layover is. Be aware of baggage fees and remember to pack properly.

7.) If traveling out of the country be aware of vaccines required of travelers.

Contact Travel Clinic NOLA at (504) 982-OUCH (6824) to book your pre-travel health appointments to get expert advice on what vaccines or medications are needed for your trip aboard.

During Travel Tips

1.) Take advantage of conference/meditation/yoga rooms available at airports

Traveling can often be stressful so sometimes it is nice to escape for a minute and relax in a private yoga room. Many airports have conference rooms available, so if you are traveling and need to jump on a virtual meeting at the airport then this is a great opportunity!

2.) Try local cuisine, services then Yelp about it

I always check Yelp for reviews of services like restaurants, spas for relaxing, or activities to enjoy. If you want to enjoy the place like a local then you need to listen to the locals! So use Yelp to find the be in the know – and be sure to Yelp about your experience to help the business and other travelers out!

3.) Expense purchases as you go

Some companies use an app like Concur for their employees to use to upload pictures of receipts for record keeping of business travel expenses.

4.) Be patient and expect delays.

When traveling, there is a lot outside of your control. Be on time (or early!) and do your best to be patient and kind!

Post Travel Tips

1.) Jet Lag IV Drip

If you have a big time change then its likely to experience jet lag. Research business that do jet lag IV drips (like we do) and sign up for one to help you recover from your travels.

2.) Schedule time at home

It is beneficial to give yourself a break from work AND travel. It can take a day or more to recover from traveling so schedule time to just be home. This is good for any delays that may come up and also just to get yourself and your home in order before getting back to work. That way when you go back to work you are more productive.

We hope these tips help you prepare for your business traveling. As much as we wish we could tell you EVERYTHING! That just isn’t possible. You need to do the research to figure out what is best for YOU and also what works for your business/employer. These tips are to help you be aware of opportunities that are often not taken advantage of.

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