As we all know, the airport is not the best place to seek out a healthy meal or to encounter the healthiest of practices. The stress of arriving on time, checking bags, and waiting in line can have you already out of your comfort zone and thus throw you out of your routine. Below are some tips and tricks to navigate the airport and ensure a healthier experience for your travels: 

1.) Pack your Healthy Go-To snacks:

Start your trip off on the right foot by prepping and packing some snacks that travel well. There is a wide variety of healthy and non-perishable snacks you will be able to pack in your carry-on if you plan ahead:  

Granola bars or Fruit and Nut bars (such as Kind bars) 

Protein bars (such as Rx bars) 

Nuts and seeds (think almonds, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios) 

Popcorn snacks (such as Popcorners, Pop Chips or Skinny Pop) 

Pretzels (such as Rold Gold) 

Fresh fruit (such as apples, bananas, oranges) 

Make a DIY trail mix with nuts of choice, freeze-dried berries/fruit and pretzel twists or goldfish  

2.) Stay Regular:

Flying and the baggage that comes with it can be stressful. Take care of your gut and don’t fill up on foods that can make you bloated, heavy or ill. Airport dining can often always present food options that are high in sugar, salt and artificial ingredients. Before you take off to the airport, make sure you have been taking a probiotic supplement and have been getting plenty of fiber in your diet. Keeping a regular eating schedule to help keep you regular long before you take off on your destination will be key in helping to keep the gut in check. Snacking by your gate? Try some healthy yogurt options that are not high in sugar and fat that provide the healthy gut bacteria needed to sustain: 

No sugar added Greek Yogurt such as Wallaby Organics 

Fage 2% fat yogurt 

Chobani Complete Lactose Free 

Siggis 2% Skyr with almond butter 

Siggis Plant Based coconut blends  

3.) Include Hydration in the routine: 

Dehydration may lead to fatigue and also make it harder to push through a long-haul flight. Add jet lag to that, and it can be a recipe for disaster for trying to stay healthy during a trip. Packing a reusable water bottle already pre-filled will help you stay hydrated, but make sure that it won’t be an issue when you go through your baggage checkpoint. Chug that water prior to the screening process so you don’t get it dumped by TSA. Once past the checkpoint, you can refill your bottle or purchase bottles to take on the plane itself.  

Other hydration options once you arrive at your gate include: 

Teas-hot or iced 


Fresh pressed juices 


**Travel Clinic NOLA offers jet lag IV hydration to help you reboot after you travels. Recover from Jet lag, road trips, and/or basic fatigue quickly with fluids, electrolytes, Vitamin C, B-Complex and B-12.
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4.) Supplements help: 

Any type of digestive supplements can help keep you healthy while traveling. Probiotics will always help to keep your gut flora stable and healthy and immune-supporting supplements such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D will help keep your system strong as it encounters unfamiliar germs (such as in airports and airplane cabins). 

Essential oils such as lavender can help create a calming atmosphere and protect the immune system and lemongrass contains anti-fungal as well as anti-inflammatory properties which can help boost immunity from what could be lurking around you. 

Finally, be sure you pack a small travel-size bottle of hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Continuing to practice good hand hygiene will help to protect you against getting any type of illness you may encounter. Staying healthy so you can enjoy your trip is our goal.

5.) A Word about Sneakers: 

Right off the bat, plan to wear your tennis shoes to the airport. Not only are the practical for navigating (especially quickly) around the airport to your terminal, but they will also encourage you to do it with more purpose.  This is also a great way to ensure that you won’t forget your active walking shoes whenever you arrive at your destination. Moving your body and practicing gentle exercise will also ensure you keep a healthy, happy and regular body to enjoy all your destination will have to offer.   

6.) Other Helpful Tips: 

In order to REALLY plan ahead, if you are familiar with the airport you will be leaving from, map out the healthier eats in that particular terminal. If you frequent there, you already will have a heads up on what choices are offered. Have a long layover at another airport? Familiarize yourself with what will be available in terms of places to eat there and plan ahead for that stretch of the trip.  

It is important to be more health conscious while traveling but it can also be hard. Do the work before the trip by planning ahead so you can enjoy the trip without feeling bloated or sick.

healthy habit choices during long haul flights

This blog post was written byShannon Robertson | Registered Dietician and Nutritionist |

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